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Millions of readers have fallen in love with stories from Ava Miles

Both Ava's fiction and non-fiction books are filled with powerful messages of healing, mystery, and magic. Experience Ava's latest releases, her monthly WWII love letter serial, Letters Across an Open Sea and Goddesses Are Happy, part of her exciting new self-help series for women called The Goddess Guides to Being A Woman.

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“Say ‘boo’ to your past.”

Rhett Butler Blaylock, Dare Valley Series

The ghosts that still hurt us or—in a conscious or unconscious way—define us. Say “boo” to something in your life right now and see what a difference it makes. Nothing should have the power to steal our happiness away from us.

My Words

What Do You Need?

Since coming out as a healer in addition to being a writer and staring to integrate the Happiness Corner blog feel into more of my social media, I'm going to be posting things on Facebook that I post here as well. So if you follow me you … Keep reading... about What Do You Need?

Ava’s Favorite Book in this Moment

Once in a while, a special book reaches into our heart and touches our soul. When Ava writes, it’s the same way. Discover the book that touched her so profoundly—one she’s most happy and grateful to share with the world right now.

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