I'm happy you're here.

Our positive intention, kindness, and action can make things better, supporting a higher vision of the world—one where peace, love, understanding, and safety flourish.

And my books are filled with that—along with powerful messages of healing, mystery, and magic. Come join the family and experience first-hand why millions have fallen in love with my books and uplifting messages.




Since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to help people.

As I grew older, I wanted to help people all around the world. For someone born in a trailer park in small town USA, this desire seemed a little strange. What did I know about the world? But language, culture, history, and political systems fascinated me, and it became my life mission to learn more about this big world I found myself a part of.

And I did it… against all the odds, I was told. No one knew what to do with a sixteen-year-old girl who said she wanted to negotiate peace between warring factions and create better living and working conditions for people around the world. With a lot of divine support, I found the road less traveled, and it opened up everything to me.

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