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Printable Book List

The Merriams

Book 1Wild Irish Rose
Book 2Love Among Lavender
Book 3Valley of Stars
Book 4Sunflower Alley
Book 5A Forever of Orange Blossoms
Book 6A Breath of Jasmine


The Post-Covid Wellness Playbook
Reclaim Your Superpowers
The Happiness Corner: Reflections So Far

Friends & Neighbors

Book 1The House of Hope & Chocolate

Dare River

Book 1Country Heaven
Book 2The Chocolate Garden
Book 3Fireflies and Magnolias
Book 4The Promise of Rainbows
Book 5The Fountain of Infinite Wishes
Book 6The Patchwork Quilt of Happiness
CookbookCountry Heaven Cookbook
Song BookCountry Heaven Song Book
Children's BookThe Chocolate Garden: A Magical Tale

Dare Valley

Book 1Nora Roberts Land
Book 2French Roast
Book 3The Grand Opening
Book 4The Holiday Serenade
Book 5The Town Square
Book 6The Park of Sunset Dreams
Book 7The Perfect Ingredient
Book 8The Bridge to a Better Life
Book 9The Calendar of New Beginnings
Book 10Home Sweet Love
Book 11The Moonlight Serenade
Book 12A Sky of Endless Blue
AnthologyDaring Declarations
AnthologyDaring Brides

Love Letters

Book 1Letters Across An Open Sea
Book 2Along Waters of Sunshine and Shadow

Once Upon a Dare

Book 1The Gate to Everything
Book 2Finding Faith

Paris Billionaire

Book 1The Billionaire's Gamble
Book 2The Billionaire's Secret
Book 3The Billionaire's Courtship
Book 4The Billionaire's Return
CompilationDare Valley Meets Paris Billionaire


CookbookCountry Heaven Cookbook
CookbookHome Baked Happiness