Being happy feeds my soul when I feel all my roots torn up and set in a new place, when the roots are just starting to spread and aren’t yet sure of the land I find myself on. Our soul needs feeding in these times of tremendous change.

What feeds your soul right now?

Get inspired. Live well.

Hello, Beautiful!

Do you believe that you’re totally awesome? That you’re a unique expression of love and joy in the world with gifts tailor made to the highest version of your life?

Well, you are!

It took me decades to believe I mattered, so don’t worry if you’re still not completely there yet. But it’s pretty easy. You just have to accept your own greatness and everyone else’s. Basically, you’re just being the real, true you in the world. No masks, no false selves. Only you! The rockstar you is greater than all of them put together.

What are my gifts? My gifts are my writing, intuition, healing and wellness, cooking, gardening, sculpting—and the list goes on. Wonder what your gifts are? They’re the ones that make you happy; the highest expression of you in the world.

Embrace and celebrate them—in yourself and those around you—and watch your whole life become more joyful, loving, and abundant.

Ava Miles Divine Rockstar

Thoughts on inspiration ~ finding your happiness

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