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Being happy feeds my soul when I feel all my roots torn up and set in a new place, when the roots are just starting to spread and aren’t yet sure of the land I find myself on. Our soul needs feeding in these times of tremendous change.

What feeds your soul right now?

What's inspiring right now...


I finally found my copy of Women's World Magazine featuring THE SKY OF ENDLESS BLUE. It's in the Thanksgiving issue, which is loaded with all my favorites: recipes, talk of joy and gratitude, and your kindness profile. How cool! My friends at the grocery store clustered around, including the butcher, Ciro. It was joyous to share it with everyone who I love seeing when I shop. It's true community, just like Dare Valley.

And I loved seeing Elizabeth Berg's book about miracles and community (I believe) and @AmandaFlower writing about magic gardens (can we say kindred spirit?).

Life is so wonderful. Debbie, my friend who works at the grocery store, said good things happen to good people. To me, treating people with kindness is just who I am. We all need more kindness in the world. It's what I love about my fictional small town, Dare Valley. We all need community, so reach out to others when you go to the grocery store. I met a new checker today and it made my day. Connection gives love and joy. So much to be grateful for.

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Hello, Divine Rockstar!

Do you believe you’re a divine rockstar? That you’re totally awesome? That you’re a unique expression of love and joy in the world with gifts tailor made to the highest version of your life?

Well, you are!

It took me decades to believe I was a divine rockstar, so don’t worry if you’re still not completely there yet. But it’s pretty easy. You just have to accept your own greatness and everyone else’s. Basically, you’re just being the real, true you in the world. No masks, no false selves. Only you! The rockstar you is greater than all of them put together.

What are my gifts? My gifts are my writing, intuition, healing, cooking, gardening, sculpting—and the list goes on. Wonder what your gifts are? They’re the ones that make you happy; the highest expression of you in the world.

Embrace and celebrate them—in yourself and those around you—and watch your whole life become more joyful, loving, and abundant.

Ava Miles Divine Rockstar

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